September Supper

We are happy to announce the programme for the Summer event to be held on 4th September 2014 at the Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford.

Our first speaker, will be Adrian Wilson, Editor of Sustainable Nonwovens, who is going to report retrospectively on Index 14 and give a preview of Techtextil 15, the two most important exhibitions for the Nonwovens Industry in its widest sense.

We have also invited, David Martin who is going to give us a new perspective on recycling.

In attendance at the seminar will be Sue Clay a textile artist who is going to show her unbelievable art work made to decorate the Yurt (a big Mongolian like tent) in Holmfirth at the Tour de France, along with her clothing fashions and accessories using nonwoven materials.

Lynne Webster is coming, to who many of you have already so generously sent fabrics for the fashion students’ next foray into Nonwovens in Fashion. Lynne will be showing what has already been achieved in this area, and will be giving a taster of what next is to come. All the students’ new work, which will be completed by Spring next year, is to be shown at the EDANA Nonwovens Innovation Academy which is being hosted by the University of Leeds in November 2015.

Lastly we have John McSweeney, specialist textile advisor, from the Manchester Business growth Hub to speak. There is a lot of money out there and John will share his experience and expertise in gaining access to these funds.

So we look forward to seeing you all on 4 September, please make every endeavour to attend.

Chris Wilkinson 
Nonwovens Network